Are you worried about your child?

Watching your child struggle to do things that come easily to other kids is heart-wrenching.... things like running, walking, making friends, using flexible thinking, or playing with other kids.

They may become anxious, overwhelmed, or easily frustrated.

They may seem tired and lethargic, or maybe the opposite: high energy, constantly on the go, and rarely slowing down for a second.

If this sounds like your child, you might feel exhausted or overwhelmed.

You worry they may be missing critical skills they need to develop into an adult. It’s not their fault. They just need additional needed to gain the motor and social skills necessary for a healthy and happy life.

That’s our job.

We help kids become more coordinated, confident, calm, & caring. We know how to help your child achieve these essential life skills... to make life easier and more enjoyable for your child and your whole family.

Your child will want to come to our sessions. They are challenging, rewarding but most of all fun.

Occupational therapy

Occupation probably conjures up an image of an adult at work. Similarly, a child’s occupation is to play, learn new skills, and develop social skills.

We all sometimes struggle with work, and our children are no different. They can struggle to learn the skills they need early in life.

Our brains allow us to take the information from our five senses, organise it, and respond appropriately.

Some children have difficulty doing this.

It impacts their ability to engage in day to day tasks and learn new motor skills. This can affect them with academics, reading, writing, focus, attention and behaviour.

Our therapists specialise in sensory integration therapy designed to help children cope with their difficulties processing sensory input.

What is sensory integration therapy?
What is a sensory gym?
Specifically, these activities will help them:

Our one-on-one goal driven therapy sessions are structured around your child’s specific requirements.


Physiotherapy is used to help restore any lost physical movement and body function caused by injury, illness or disability. 

Children want to be independent. 

They want to be able to play with friends, feed themselves, climb trees, run and everything in between.

As much as it hurts us to watch some of them struggle with the body movements needed to do all these things, they just need a helping hand. 

We’ll work with them to tailor specific exercises and movement patterns that get them back to bouncing and jumping around with friends, grazing knees and cutting hands - as all kids do! 

We know how frustrating they find being different from others so we help them break the skills and movement patterns down into smaller skills. And have some fun along the way. 

We have specially designed rooms and equipment, where we will work with them to master the smaller skills so that the bigger ones will become more manageable, less frustrating and safer. 

As children are very different physiologically to adults, our physiotherapists are experts in child development and tailor treatment to their specific needs.

Our one-on-one goal driven therapy sessions are structured around your child’s specific requirements.


Hydrotherapy or aquatic physiotherapy is physiotherapy performed in warm water. 

You know that floating feeling of weightlessness you get when in a pool, well we use that to our advantage in hydrotherapy. 

The support of the water allows for greater freedom of movement, relief of pain or muscle spasm, the opportunity to improve flexibility or joint range and the chance to improve strength or endurance.
More importantly, water exercises are fun - who doesn’t love splashing around in a pool?! 

We know that parents can be concerned when working with water. 

That's why we strongly focus on safety and believe helping children become safer around water is an essential part of Australian childhood.