Are you worried about your Baby or Toddler's development?

Do you compare what your baby is doing to your friends' babies? Most of us do. While friends and family are correct when they say ‘they all develop at different times’ it’s also true that there are specific ages at which certain skills should be acquired by.

Your baby may feel floppy or stiff when you hold them, or not move both sides of their body equally. They may have trouble feeding on one or both sides, or have a flat spot on one side of their head.

You should trust your instincts. If you feel that something is not right seek the opinion of a professional sooner rather than later.

Our therapists know where your baby or toddler should be in their development and what might be holding them back.

Does your baby ..

Struggle with feeding?

Have difficulty settling or sleeping?

Want to be held all the time?

Feel floppy to hold?

Not take weight through their legs when supported in a standing position?

Have poor head control?

Feel stiff or always push through their legs onto tip toes when feet are placed on a surface?

Push themselves backwards with their legs when laying on their back?

Push back into lying down or flop forward when trying to sit?

Hate tummy time?

Not move both sides of their body equally?

Have a diagnosis of a disability like Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Downs Syndrome or infant stroke?

We will help you feel more confident, supported and knowledgeable

We will help you ...

Feel more confident, supported and knowledgeable

Have the skills and strategies to help your baby settle or feed more easily

Know which are the best activities to support your baby’s development


It can be heart breaking when your baby doesn’t seem to be following the normal development pathway of rolling, crawling or sitting. You know how important tummy time is but they just cry the whole time so you avoid it so as not to upset them.

Our Physiotherapists will check for any problems that may be holding them back and then show you ways to support your baby’s development. Simple, fun and engaging activities you can do with your child at home that will develop the movement skills they need.

With our support and the strategies we will teach you, you will learn to bond with and soothe your baby

Occupational therapy

It may seem strange to think of your baby having an occupation. In fact it’s a very important one. Their job is to explore their new environment through movement and play but most importantly by interacting and bonding with you.

All babies can be fussy and unsettled at times but if your baby is very difficult to soothe and settle they may be feeling overwhelmed by their new environment.

With our support and the strategies we will teach you, you will learn to bond with and soothe your baby. We will show you how to help your baby explore their new world and develop normal movement and interactions.