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Not sure if we can help you?

You are in pain, and its affecting your quality of life. Preventing you from enjoying your work and play. Whatever you try it’s just not going away.


You are probably asking yourself - where can I find an effective and permanent fix for this?


If you have never seen a physio or occupational therapist you are probably unsure as to how they would treat you. Possibly even if they can treat you.


You are probably also  concerned about the cost of finding out if they can help and, if they can, what it will cost for the full course of treatment they recommend.


Finding out what is actually causing  your pain is where we start. At our first session with you we will ....


We will then explain to you, in easy to understand terms, exactly what we intend to do to treat your problem, how long it will take, how much it's going to cost, and how you may be able to reclaim part of that cost.


In short, we will tell you exactly how we will ease your pain and then show you  how to prevent it recurring.


Most therapists will see you once a  week at most, with you following an exercise regime on your own at home.  In most cases this not the most effective way to solve your problem. If you spend a week doing the exercises the wrong way, the time you spend will be wasted, your progress will be slowed down dramatically, and you will need even more sessions.


In our experience the most effective way to treat your problem is by compressing weeks of treatments into days.

If you're suffering from pain you know that the quicker you get relief from that pain the better! Seeing your Physiotherapist every day for treatment, and completing your exercise program correctly will get you to that point much more quickly.


In this short video by our founder, Kelly, explains how we may be able to help you and the benefits of having us visit you or your child at home.

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We understand the importance of convenience to fit around your busy lifestyle.


Our Physiotherapy practice works with clients throughout the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsular including the following suburbs:


Mount Barker, Stirling, Hahndorf, Murray Bridge, Victor Harbour, Meningie, Aldinga, Willunga.