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Occupational therapy for children

Our Occupational Therapists specialise in providing paediatric sensory integration therapy in our specially designed sensory gym.


Our one-on-one goal driven therapy sessions are structured around your child’s specific requirements.


Together we will develop and follow a plan that will enable your child to reach their full potential using a range of exercises and routines that your child will see as more like play than therapy.


Your child will want to come to our sessions. They are challenging, rewarding but most of all fun.


What is sensory integration therapy?

Some children have difficulty receiving and processing sensory information like touch, movement, balance and knowing where their body is in space.


Conditions like ASD, ADHD and cerebral palsy can impair a child’s ability to receive and process sensory information. This can impact their ability to engage in normal day to day tasks like getting dressed or playing with peers, learning new motor skills, reading and writing and focus attention and behaviour.


The theory behind Sensory integration therapy is that the ability to learn depends on the ability to receive and process sensory information from movement and the environment. When the ability to do this is impaired, as is common in conditions like ASD, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Cerebral palsy and developmental delay, this can impact the child’s ability to engage in day to day tasks, learning new motor skills, academic skills, reading and writing and focus, attention and behaviour.


Motivating any child to actively participate in a treatment plan is difficult. If you can provide an environment that seems more like a playground than a therapy room and activities they will want to do, they will be engaged and motivated. That’s why we developed our sensory gym.



What is a sensory gym?

For most people a gym is a place to improve physical fitness and health. A place where people run on treadmills and lift weights. If you walk into our sensory gym, you will know it serves a different purpose.


Specially designed equipment provides a safe but challenging environment in which your child can move, jump, swing, crash and play.


When these activities are tailored to your child, they will help them to feel calmer, more focused and can minimise meltdowns. They will also improve their strength and coordination and help them to learn to use their senses to interact successfully with their physical environment.


In addition to providing health and fitness benefits, sensory gyms also enhance a child’s self-esteem and social skills.


Specifically, these activities will help them to:

Develop the touch, movement and balance and proprioceptive (knowing where the body is in space) senses.


Perform activities that increase postural control in the body by maintaining balance and body control while moving through space.


Develop ‘Praxis‘ which is the ability to interact successfully with the physical environment, to plan, organise and carry out a sequence of unfamiliar actions and to do what a person needs and wants to do.


Help them to communicate better, strengthen self-care habits and increase attention spans.



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